Are You There Blog? It’s Me, Anxiety Erica

Is there ever a good way to start these things? I’m Erica and I have to admit – I’ve started my share of blogs. Being a writer all my life, blogging is something that tends to come with the territory. I’ve always loved the notion that I could write out my emotions and feelings and potentially have some stranger relate to it.

A little over a year ago, I made the life-changing decision to start going to therapy. For what, I had almost no idea yet. Once I was settled into a really great therapist who I was comfortable with, it only took a few sessions for her to diagnose me with GAD, or Generalized Anxiety Disorder. While this may seem rather “general” from the name – believe me, it’s anything but. Up until that point, I hadn’t been handling life very well. I was overly anxious about anything and family matters were next to impossible to deal with. It was actually my father who encouraged me to take the leap into getting help. I made every excuse in the book: it was too expensive, what if I didn’t find a good therapist, or my personal favorite what if she thought I was crazy? Yes, because that’s exactly what therapists think every time they see a new patient, right? Once all those excuses were worn out, I took the journey, which I’m still currently on. Guess what? It was by far the best decision I could ever have made for myself. I was already slightly self-aware going into therapy, but once I arrived, I grew more and more.

I’ve learned so many amazing things from my thoughtful, beautiful soul of a therapist. I’ve been educated on how to say no to things that make me anxious, how to let go of control, and how to accept the flaws of my family – among other lessons. If I didn’t force myself to go down this path, who knows where I would be. Probably huddled in the corner of my parent’s room in the fetal position. I certainly wouldn’t be a Copywriter at a PR firm where I’m writing every day and working with an awesome group of girls, no sir. I wouldn’t be chillin’ with a beautiful, wonderful group of constant, supportive friends – nope. I wouldn’t be working on my family relationships in a consistent and healthy way, uh uh. Lastly, I wouldn’t have had a fantastic partner fall into my life, merely because I wouldn’t have been ready for him.

It’s all these things and more that have led me to this very moment. The moment where I begin this brand new journey. Anxiety Erica is just one part of me, but it’s brought me purpose, meaning and a whole community of magical people who are strong, brave fighters. The more we talk about mental health, the less stigma there is surrounding it. Through this blog, I hope to share my story with you all and if I help one, just one, person feel less alone, I’ll have accomplished my goal.

Let’s battle anxiety together, folks.

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