6 Perfect Pins for Mental Health

Let’s face it – pins are in. More recently, I’ve been taken down the beautiful rabbit hole that is pin love on Instagram and it’s a wild, wonderful journey. I’ve come to fall madly in love with so many talented independent artists who share my passion for expressing emotion and breaking the stigma surrounding mental health.

When I realized that I needed to start a pin collection, I also came to the conclusion that I needed a jean jacket to proudly display them on a daily basis. So, with a brand new jacket, I went on a hunt for the most gorgeous, genuine pins that resonated with me.

Here are some of my favorites:

Sarah Day Arts 

Weird girls really do have more fun. Personally, Sarah might be my favorite of all time, but that’s just me being biased. With grace and the utmost of skill, Sarah expresses her creativity and vulnerability through art. A fighter through and through, her vibrant art resonates with anyone struggling to find meaning – whether that be with mental health or just life in general.

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THREE LEFT 🙊 DM to purchase! (Edit: SOLD OUT)

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Fun fact: My very first pins were from Sarah. It was a day where I decided, for the first time in quite awhile, to have a day completely for myself. I went to this adorable store – Little Dame Shop – and came upon her pin that stood out to me. It read: It will work out. It’s like the pin was speaking directly to me. It will work out, Erica. When you have that strong of a connection with art, you don’t have a choice but to wear it everyday.


The Crybaby Club 

We may cry, but we can still get things done. I love this gang, guys. Teaching others that it’s okay to express your feelings and emotion, The Crybaby Club believes that sensitive people are the ones who hold true strength inside of them. As souls who aren’t afraid to let ourselves feel, we deserve to have flair that represents our outlook.

With a band of beautiful souls and artists behind the artwork, mental health is at the forefront of each and every piece of flair. While I don’t personally have one of their pins, (don’t worry, I will eventually) I’ve proudly displayed Kayley Mills’ art on my walls. One of the artists behind The Crybaby Club, she is a talented designer with a passion for the most amazing affirmations. Check out her prints here! 


Art by Anto 

Need a reminder that you’re good enough? Explore T. Jay Santa Ana’s Make A Mark series – it’s good for the soul. A friend and truly talented human, Santa Ana creates his pins to bring a sense of harmony back into the world. I absolutely love his message and vision, and have even modeled for his pins! By far, my favorite pin is “I’m Good Enough.” Not only is it a wonderful mantra to repeat to yourself, wearing it everyday on my jacket forces me to remember that I’m enough.

Fun Fact: If you’re officially obsessed and want to know more about this sensitive series, I wrote an article on it for The Mighty! Check it out. 


Tuesday Bassen

For those of us who wear our hearts on our sleeve, you can literally do that with the awesome pins and patches from Tuesday’s shop. A mega-fan of this girl’s fantastic flair, I actually got the opportunity to meet her with a friend at Comic Con last year and she’s a beautiful soul. Her mental health message – and nails – are on point.

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#mixedemotionsclub ❤️ ShopTuesday.com

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More of a patch person? Check out this patch that’s perfect for those prone to overthinking.


Motivational Tattoos 

Made with love to brighten your day, these adorable anxiety aids were created to stop self-harm. With the founder battling the challenge of mental health on a daily basis, Motivational Tattoos is an ally to people with anxiety, depression, PTSD and other illnesses. Improve your mental health with the “Calm,” “Breathe,” “Believe, Achieve,” and “I Am Enough” badges!


Love this dude. With several of his pins dedicated to mental health, anxiety, and just overall sensitivity, ADAMJK is doing his part to break the stigma. Plus, his instagram is fantastic and full of feelings – I live for it.


Are you pin obsessed? Share your favorite mental health focused pins with me – I wanna see ’em! 

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