A Journey Through My July Goals

July is here and it’s hot. Like seriously humid, guys. While I can barely stand this warm weather, I’m very excited to guide you through my July goals! While scrolling on my Instagram feed earlier today, I was tagged in a new month challenge from a follower. It was about creating a set of goals for the month and honestly, I just love a good list.

So, I sat down with my notebook and really thought about what I want to work on. Here’s what I came up with:

Keep my anger in check

Whether that means removing small triggers or reflecting on my feelings before I fully react to any situation, I will do better in caging my rage. I’m learning – now more then ever – that it’s essential to cut something off if it’s triggering you. Doesn’t matter if it’s an old friend from college, a former co-worker or an ex boyfriend. If they trigger you, remove them. It’s a waste of your energy to spend any time on someone who isn’t bothering with you.

Pursue more poetry

With starting this blog and my Instagram account, I’ve discovered so many inspiring poets who bravely discuss mental health in their poems. From R.M Drake to Becca Lee and Alison Malee –  I’m falling hard. Starting this month, I’ve made the decision to start supporting their writing more than just reposting on my account. I want to buy their volumes and review them on the blog. There’s a wisdom in words, and sometimes it’s so very healing to read someone baring their soul in order to connect within a community.

Master the art of networking

This month, San Diego will be overrun by the magic that is Comic Con. I’ve gone every year for about six years and I must say – it’s fantastic. This year, I *hopefully* will be attending for a day and my goal is to try and network while I’m walking the floor.

I’m on a mission to meet other folks who are just as passionate about mental health as I am! There are limitless opportunities, I just have to get out there and find them. Whether it’s researching community groups, events or conferences that are going on in my area or just handing a potential person my business card – I will master the art of networking.

Learn to let go

Throughout my breakup, I’ve tried to control when I’ll feel a certain emotion or the exact moment I’ll move onto the next stage. While I’m currently in the anger phase, it’s pretty unknown as to when I’ll transition into a more accepting space – and that’s okay. 

With my anxiety, I always have to control. Triggers pop up when I don’t know the outcome or when the path ahead is blurred, but the more I maintain that grasp, the less I actually experience life. It’s time to cut off the control – this world isn’t about knowing every step.


Those are my goals for this month. Your turn – what do you want to accomplish for July? Share a few of your goals in the comments below!


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