Anxiety Erica // 1K Giveaway!

When I published my first post on this blog, I really didn’t think it would get much attention. I started this blog to heal myself through the power of words, and if others related, awesome. Watching this blog grow from four to five followers (who were technically family, friends and amazingly supportive coworkers) to the popularity it’s receiving now is more than rewarding.

It’s scary, exciting, thrilling, and motivating. Some days I want to write for hours and hours, while others I feel nauseous at the thought of it. What I do know is that I truly love this community. I knew of it when I began, but I didn’t fully understand the love that surrounded it. Unconditional love, support, and safety. A safe space where I can share my heart and feelings without judgement. Therapy is my sanctuary, but this mental health community is where I thrive. It’s where I turn to on my worst days for support – you are my home. In the last few weeks, I’ve had some rough family issues and more than anything else, you all have felt more like family than my own. Thank you for listening, for encouraging, and for just being there. 

While a “thank you” in words has power, I wanted to do more than that. Since I recently hit over 1,000 followers on my Instagram – you can’t see but I’m doing a happy dance while typing that – I thought I would host a giveaway! I so appreciate all that you do, so here are the details on what you can get, and how to get it:

What are the rules? 

While you can head to my Instagram to see all the details, here are the rules for entering this super cool giveaway:

  • Like the post 
  • Subscribe to my blog (tap the link in my profile + and click the “Follow” button) 
  • Follow @anxietyerica, as well as the Instagram accounts of the brands and artists included in the giveaway (@the_eudaimonic, @moodboosterjournal, @wisteriafoxshop
  • Lastly, comment on the post with one reason you decided to follow my blog or Instagram page! 

That’s it! If you do all those things, you’ll be entered to win – but what are you winning? I won’t lie, these brands and products aren’t just close to my heart, they are so, so cool. Check it out:

What will you win? 


Wisteria Fox  // “Wild Spirit” Bath Bomb


I wrote about this awesome essential in my previous post on Wisteria Fox, but seriously – these bath bombs are…well, the bomb: 

“Scented with lemongrass essential oil and topped with dried lavender buds, this bath bomb is the perfect recipe for a Saturday night in. Notes of eucalyptus and spearmint are included for the utmost of relaxation.”


The Eudaimonic // Stickers + Pins 


A truly talented artist and supporter in the mental health community, I adore Jessica from The Eudaimonic! I have both her pins and stickers and can honestly say, when I wear them, I feel empowered. Give her page a follow, and even buy her art – it’s a $1 off right now with the discount code SUMMERSASSLet’s all be sassy and sensitive together! 


Mood Booster Journal 


I came across this wonderful, insightful journal on my Instagram feed and boy am I glad I found it. Run by a boss babe, this mental health resource is filled with inspirational, positive writing exercises and prompts to help you stay on track with your thoughts. As an added bonus, there is a section for notes as well as a full planner at the back!


Well, there you have it. Head over to my Instagram page and enter my 1K giveaway for your chance to get these mental health goodies! Hurry though, I will stop accepting comments and submissions on Friday, August 18th.


Do you want to win these mental health goodies? Check out my Instagram for more details! 

Unplugged: What I Discovered From A Day Without Social Media

Last night, I was scrolling through Facebook and came upon an article from The Mighty titled, “Researchers Say Instagram Is the ‘Worst App’ for Your Mental Health.” Ironic that I found this article while aimlessly wandering around social media, but it struck a nerve with me.

In the article, it states that Instagram has “the highest negative affect on well-being – increasing anxiety, depression, and self-identity and body image issues for young people ages 14 to 24.” Regardless of these stats, Instagram is an app with more than 700 million users and can be used with both good and bad intentions.

With all this information, I decided to challenge myself. I would go an entire day without using any social media and see what it did for my anxiety and mental health. Starting from the moment I woke up at 6:40 this morning, to currently writing this blog post at 6:00 this evening – I haven’t opened an app, scrolled through any feed or put a heart on any photo.

Here’s what I discovered from avoiding social media:

I’m much more present. 

Without the ability to escape into some form of social media during the day, I was forced to be. Just be in the moment more. For the first few hours of my workday, I found myself reaching for my phone randomly when there was a lull, because I normally scroll through Instagram as a tiny break. When I resisted that, I discovered that I was able to sit and just be where I was right then. Content.

I stopped comparing. 

This was a big one. Honestly, this was the biggest part of why I think Instagram is terrible for mental health. Part of anxiety that’s toxic is comparing yourself to others. This is an app that breeds comparison. Because I wasn’t constantly checking Instagram, seeing how others were potentially doing “more interesting” things, I found I could feel more confident about my day. When it’s not being compared to anything else – that is likely not reality to begin with – you feel secure.

When I got bored or started to overthink, I found a more healthy way of distraction. 

Let’s face it – sometimes your mind gets bored. When I had downtime or started to ruminate, I listened to a podcast I’m currently obsessed with, talked to one of my coworkers, or took a short walk outside. While some social media is very open and helpful when overthinking, it felt so much more effective and tangible to use these different ways of distraction.


By the end of the day, I realized that I put entirely too much emotion into my phone. From texting to Instagram, I’ve always read too much into each post or text and placed my own value into whether I heard back or got enough likes or comments. It’s a toxic game to play and removing myself from it – even just for a day – gave me a lot of introspection and mindfulness. I am enough – I don’t need 10, 100, or even 1,000 likes to validate that. Also, it doesn’t matter what others are doing, it matters what I’m doing right now. The less you focus on how others are living their lives, the more you gain for your mental health.

It went so well, I may actually ween myself from the amount I use my social media for the future.

Does social media have an affect on your anxiety? What are your thoughts?